Acquisitions & Mergers

As with many businesses, the day may come when there is a need for a Mergers & Acquisitions transaction ... perhaps as a result of a change in business climate, management retirement considerations, business succession planning, a decision to pursue other business interests, or simply due to a change in long range plans for the company.
Whether you are ready to act now or are just beginning to consider your options, call Exodus Business Solutions for a confidential consultation at no cost.

An Acquisition or Merger Can Propel Your Business

When considering a Merger, Acquisition, company Sale, subsidiary Divesture or a Private Equity Investment, one will, no doubt, need to ask several very important questions:

"How much is the company really worth and how can one determine the value?"
"Is it possible to create a marketing program that will attract the most qualified Mergers & Acquisitions candidates and investors, yet allow us to keep the matter absolutely confidential?"
"Will we have enough time and expertise to find a buyer, negotiate the deal, facilitate the transaction, negotiate terms, create the financial structure and continue to run and grow our business until closing?"
"What strategies can be employed now, to increase the value of the business?"
"What are the important legal, tax and structural implications which one should be aware of and need to discuss with our Mergers & Acquisitions Firm and other advisors?"

Those are tough questions. How successful and profitable a merger, acquisition, sale, divesture or private investment is will depend on the answers to these, and many other questions. You could attempt to answer them on your own, without the guidance of a professional firm. Beware of the pitfalls such as insufficient time, lack of objectivity or expertise. These can be very costly. Or you can retain an experienced, professional firm, and that means only one thing... You will want to contact the Mergers & Acquisitions professionals at Exodus Business Solutions.

We Have Specialized in Helping Clients

• Value and sell their companies - (VALUATION)
• Divest subsidiaries or divisions - (DIVESTURE)
• Develop strategies for merging
• Acquire another company - (MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS)
• Find needed private investment capital - (PRIVATE INVESTMENT)

We advise privately held and publicly traded firms, and Exodus Busienss Solutions can help your firm as we have helped so many others with their Mergers & Acquisitions transaction, and do it faster, and more profitably. Investment groups and corporations seeking to grow through the acquisition of other companies have found that one telephone call, fax, or E-mail to our office can provide numerous opportunities. Click here to learn more.

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