Business for Sale San Diego

Businesses for Sale San Diego
Exodus Business Solutions can help you find businesses for sale in San Diego. Being one of the areas leading specialists we are best equipped to help you because of our background and years of experience in working in San Diego.

Businesses of all sizes are bought and sold in San Diego County. From large medical research companies, to small mom and pop stores, the local business resale market sees movement in all sectors. The changing face of San Diego business is moving from aerospace and tourism to bio-tech and computers.

Businesses for sale in San Diego

We can help buyers find a particular San Diego based business quickly and efficiently. Sales come from the range of businesses which exist in San Diego today which include:

Advertising & Media – Businesses for sale in San Diego in this category might include advertising agencies, commercial printers, Hispanic marketing firms, small newspapers, PR agencies, or video production companies.
Construction & Design – Possible businesses might include architectural firms, contractors, engineering companies, environmental consultants, landscape contractors, or residential remodelers or builders.
Finance – In this category you may find opportunities to buy a small accounting firm, insurance agencies, money management firms, etc.
General Interest & Education – Businesses falling into this category might include Auto Dealers, trade schools, law firms, security companies, and others.
Health Care – Included in this area are medical offices, dentists, some manufacturers and benefit providers.
High-Tech – San Diego has really grown in this area in the past 20 years, and businesses offered in this area would include computer resellers, Internet service providers, Internet companies, Web developers, and business network services.
Hospitality & Travel – A long time staple of the San Diego economy, this category includes large businesses like hotels, and smaller ones like travel agencies and caterers.
Manufacturing – San Diego was once known for its large aerospace OEM’s, but has since diversified into several fields. There are many golf manufacturers, software companies and electonics manufacturers.
Business Suppliers – This category includes placement and temp services, office supply stores, and office furniture stores.
Real Estate – This area would include property management and real estate firms both residential and commercial.
Businesses based in Tijuana – Most people are familiar with the huge border factories, called maquiladoras, that churn out television sets and other electronics for export to the United States. But many mom-and-pop exporters exist – such as garage based businesses, all the way up to the huge international conglomerates.

Here’s how we help you find just the right local company to purchase:
• We meet and consult with you
• We deliver confidential support
• We supply detailed reports
• We carefully organize business opportunities which may match your criteria

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