Businesses Wanted and Investment Opportunities

Among all of the companies for sale there are a few most wanted business opportunities. We are well equipped to help you because of our experience in buying and selling companies representing many different industries.

Don’t make a choice without examining the many choices, and learn from others what is popular and why. When you have the right information, it’s easy to make good decisions.

Most Wanted – The following is a list of some of the most wanted types of businesses in California.

• Retail
• Professional services
• Manufacturing
• Other types of goods & services
• Home based opportunities
• Distributorships

Here is more information on the most popular business opportunities that are in demand and most wanted by buyers.
• Visible and popular and have high re-sale
• Franchises
• Mom & pop
• Reoccurring revenue
• Easy to maintain

The four hallmarks of a good business:

• Many customers or clients – A point that is obvious in retail businesses, but also true in business to business … if a company is too dependent on a few or especially just one client, this may put the business at risk during shifts in the marketplace.
• Profitable – No amount of revenue will make up for a company that continues to operate in the red. Eventually it catches up. A company must have consistent profit margins.
• Smooth operations – A business which is making you a good living may not be worth it if it is filled with day-to-day headaches. Owners prefer smooth, trouble-free operations.
• Low debt – Some debt may be inevitable in today’s business climate, however, debt load must be manageable, and preferably light so as not to hurt the health of the company.

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