Marketing A Business

In the past, business owners, agents, and intermediaries have tried to marketed their own business for sale listings using everyday methods such as classified ads. These efforts may produce less than the desired result. This limited process can be inefficient and yet costs thousands of dollars per year.

Placing inappropriate advertising may also increase the risk of the wrong party finding out your business is for sale. This is why it is critical that a seasoned business specialist handle the marketing of a business. This requires an in depth evaluation of the situation and based on the type of business and the profile of potential buyers, then a proper and secure marketing plan will be formulated and executed.

Taking the Proper Steps

At Exodus Business Solutions we use our experience to get you the fastest and most confidential sale possible. No one is better equipped to understand your needs than our specialized team of experts. Our marketing system enables us to tailor personalized promotions for each individual seller using a discrete yet effective approach to ensure a timely sale of your business. The package we prepare up front limits the amount of time your business remains on the market. In effect, we quickly attract qualified buyers, which enables a smooth and timely transaction.

• We will help you identify and meet your goals to be accomplished with the sale of your business.
• We will market the sale of your business confidentially.
• Your employees, customers or competitors will be unaware that your business is for sale.
• Your Exodus Business Specialist will screen potential buyers before presenting them to you.
• We will work with you to arrange meetings with potential buyers (this may include evenings and weekends).
• When both parties feel comfortable proceeding, your Exodus Business Specialist will begin negotiations between you and the potential buyer.
• We will help you evaluate each offer with their expertise on current market trends, financing matters and business law.
• Your Exodus Business Specialist is an experienced intermediary who will manage the negotiations, keeping your interests in the forefront, until an acceptable deal is agreed upon and closing legalities are finalized.
• We will work towards your complete satisfaction in every facet of the successful sale of your business.

By pre-qualifying and pre-screening all potential buyers, Exodus Business Solutions ensures that only serious offers will be presented. Once the qualified buyer is located, a meeting is arranged.

Let an Exodus Business Solutions professional market your business in the strictest confidence. Click here to learn more.

Marketing a Business
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