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When you are considering the sale of your business, you may have questions. Whether you are ready to sell your business now or are just beginning to consider selling, call Exodus Business Solutions for a confidential consultation at no cost. We are happy to help you get the answers, with no obligation - just call us at 619.688.0007. We have collected a few of the common concerns. Below are some of the things we hear from time to time.

Questions Frequently Asked by Sellers

Question - "When is the Best Time to Sell?"
One of the best times to sell your business is when your sales and profits are on the increase, as the sign of success will give buyers a bigger incentive to buy now. During a growth cycle, your business is more likely to be valued higher than at any other time (particularly if your figures have been growing for a number of years). If your business has entered a state of declining sales and profits, you may have to rely on economical factors to help determine the optimal time to sell. Look for falling interest rates as this is a time for investors to find a better alternative for getting a higher return on their money than they would from a bank. If financing is easily accessible and cheap, potential buyers may see it as being a good time to buy. By recognizing fluctuations and opportunities in the economy it may help you determine a good time to sell.

Question - "How Long Will it Take?"
There are no patterns or methods to estimate how long it will take to sell your business, as each business is different from the next. The national average for selling a business is around six months but this is based on a range between two months and two years.

Question - "Why Not Sell the Business Myself?
The process of valuing, marketing and selling a business is extremely time consuming. Many business owners would rather focus on running their business, and keeping profits high, and let professionals handle the sales process. It is also impractical for an owner to try to sell his or her own business, and keep it confidential. However, for very small businesses that are valued less than $25,000 or so in value, it is common for the owner to try sell the business themselves without the use of professional assistance through a newspaper ad. Again, this may expose the business to rumors that the business is for sale.

Question - "How many deals have you done?"
Our team of professionals has years of total experience, and together have done dozens of smooth, professional business sale transactions.

Question - "What's it going to cost?"
The cost of our professional fees are based on a number of factors, however we are very competitive, and deliver exceptional service and value. In the end, business owners normally come out ahead financially by using our services since Exodus Business Solutions can help get a fair market price for a company in the shortest possible time.

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Sellers FAQs
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