Identifying the Right Buyer

Along with the assets, the buyer is acquiring the goodwill of the business and often expects the existing clientele and staff to remain. Before identifying the right buyer for your business, we take the time to understand the opportunities your business represents. The opportunities include continuing and expanding the things your business already does well and may include improving the things your business does not do particularly well. The potential of your business is often more important to a buyer than its past. The buyer should be capable of maintaining your business’ strengths and correcting its weaknesses. More importantly, the new management should be prepared to grow your business by investing the capital and taking the risks you were not prepared to take.

Every client is different and at Exodus we tailor the marketing process to each assignment. Identifying likely buyers is a crucial step to successfully and quickly marketing your business and completing a transaction. Based upon our experience we have identified four types of buyers. These buyer categories include; life style buyers (most common for transactions under two million dollars) industry buyers, private equity groups, and strategic acquirers. Exodus Business Solutions will value your company from each buying groups’ perspective and target the buyer category likely to pay the most for your business.

We target
The Right Buyer Pool
Identify the right buyer group who will pay the most

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