The Preparation & Process

We do everything we can to minimize any disruptions to your business during the marketing process. You only meet well qualified, seriously interested, potential purchasers of your business. Exodus Business Solutions specializes in preparing small and medium sized businesses for sale. We implement a sophisticated sales effort which allows for a smooth and timely transaction. Our experience proves that our process will help facilitate a timely transaction which will help achieve your financial expectations. Below are the milestones for preparing your business for sale and completion of a transaction:

1. The first is to step is to schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our professionals and determine the best option available to sell your business.

2. The second step is to do the valuation and determine your business’ value as well as identify the buyer group that will pay the most for your business.

3. The third step is to determine if the business qualifies for third party financing based on the information presented to lenders in our valuation. We typically obtain a proposal letter from a preferred lender that shows you the amount of financing available to a prospective buyer. As a result of taking the time and preparing the materials to procure this debt financing, Exodus clients’ routinely receive 80% to 90% of their purchase price in cash at closing.

4. The fourth step is to schedule a second meeting to review the valuation conclusions and layout the price, terms, and conditions that you are likely to receive. Assuming you are satisfied with the anticipated result, at this time you will engage Exodus as your exclusive representative to sell your business.

5. The fifth step is to produce the book or profile on the business and other material to market your business.

6. The sixth step is to conduct the marketing effort which targets a carefully pre-selected buyer pool and procures the most qualified and motivated buyer.

7. The last step is to negotiate the price, terms, and conditions, memorializing them in a Term Sheet or Letter of Intent; and then, close the transaction by assisting you and the buyer in completing due diligence and appropriate legal documentation.

Our process procures
Smooth & Timely Transaction
Achieving your financial and personal goals

    Is now the time to sell your business?


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