The Valuation

We start every engagement with a valuation in compliance with NACVA’s reporting standards. We do the valuation to provide our clients and ourselves with a basis for realistically assessing what the business is likely to sell for and whether it makes sense to undertake the process at all. At Exodus, we would rather have a business owner keep their business off the market rather than market the business with unrealistically high expectations. Valuations reflect the influence, experience and judgment of our principals’ decades of valuation and transactional experience.

Our valuation is inexpensive yet comprehensive; providing the financial analysis appropriate to assess what buyers are likely to pay for the business in the current market. Armed with our valuation, buyers are much more likely to procure financing to pay the vast majority of the purchase price in cash. Exodus clients routinely take more than 80 % to 90% of their purchase price in cash. In most cases, we pre-qualify our clients business for financing before we begin marketing the business. This has proved enormously popular with our clients.

While buyers buy businesses because they believe in the future of the business, they tend to value businesses from the proven historical ability of the business to generate cash flow, earnings, and amass assets. Our process allows us to reflect the true income of the business for a buyer and enables us to sell your business for a premium.

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